For the Love of Lavender

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Originally posted on Blogger 6/2/11

30 Days of Creativity: Day 2

When getting the wash out of the dryer today I breathed in deep and felt happiness-I don’t find laundry particularly uplifting but my lavender sock sure helps.

I do not use fabric softeners.  I don’t know that they really do or don’t make a difference but I do not like the smell of them. Also, my husband has sensitive skin so using anything with perfumes is an issue. Before I took the course in Herbalism at The Herb Corner, I didn’t like the smell of lavender either.  All the lavender I had smelled was very strong and artificial-I had never smelled the real thing.

Once I met the real stuff at The Herb Corner, I was in love! I don’t know how I came up with this idea but it is my best yet!  I made a lavender sock for the dryer.  You can use your husband’s old sock (cannot have holes in the foot/heel area) or you can use a cute little girl’s sock.  As these are functional for me-I use husband’s old socks for the dryer.  I use the cute socks for sachets/gifts.

Supplies Needed:

Lavender buds (about 1/4c per sock)


Ribbon (if making a cute sachet)


Make sure your sock has no holes in the foot/heel area.

Put about 1/4c lavender buds into the foot area of the sock.

(I keep my lavender in a jar and to fill my sock I put the sock on the jar and turn it upside down)

Put the sock on top of the jar and turn over to fill easily.

Screen Shot 2015-04-17 at 12.57.41 PM

When you have the lavender you need, look in ankle area of sock and make sure all buds are clear.Get all lavender to bottom of sock and tie a knot in the sock right above the bunch of lavender.

Screen Shot 2015-04-17 at 12.57.48 PM

Take tube part of sock and bring it up around the lavender part of the sock (knot is now hidden).

Screen Shot 2015-04-17 at 12.57.54 PM

When using my husband’s sock, I stop here and this is ready to stay in the dryer*

Screen Shot 2015-04-17 at 12.58.13 PM

If making a sachet, I now would add pretty ribbon-usually purple because of the lavender.

Screen Shot 2015-04-17 at 12.58.20 PM

I leave the sock in the dryer so it is there when I throw a load in.

Opening the dyer will now be a heavenly experience and your clothes will smell great.

Simply use the sock until it no longer has a scent-I then throw the whole thing away.

If you do this, let me know how it goes!  For me it really makes a difference.

*I have had husband socks open up once or twice-ribbon, twine, sewing it shut would be a good idea!

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