I want a parade…

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Originally posted on blogger 6/5/12

That’s right- you heard me, I want parade.  My good friend Donna told me that once when it was a friend’s birthday, her family had a parade for her.  Now I don’t know all the details but I am sure there were people, maybe signs, and maybe songs.

I want a parade for my birthday not because I deserve it or because I am better than anyone else. I would love to think that someone thinks I’m that extraordinary.  I would love to know that someone thinks I am so special that they would spend time together and do that for me.

I want to be a person that can make a difference in somebody’s life.  I want to feel like I can’t be replaced and that I’m everything to someone or somebody.  I want to feel that I’d be terribly missed (if I decide to run away with my beads, my books, and my dog). I want to be that person.  I want a parade.

Anyone else?

April 16, 2015

I must post an update! On October 6, 2013 my family threw me a surprise before 60 BD party. I had no idea.  My husband kind of put the daughter in charge but many others chipped in too.  My house was a mess when I left for church but my sister Daun and Megan took care of that.  Mychele came form Groveland with favorite cupcakes and may came with beautiful gifts and sentiments.  Ok-it was BETTER than a parade!  I will never forget it!

Birthday Surprise Pictures

Your turn: what is the best birthday thing that ever happened for you?

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