What’s New & Good?

What’s New & Good?

I never heard this phrase until I was in my Health Coaching class last year (more about that later).  We would meet monthly and after Kat greeted us, each person had to share what is new and good.  I like this so much-I would like to practice greeting my friends this way. So often we talk a lot and do not listen.  If we care about our friends-then knowing what is new and good is important.  I think it also allows the person you are asking to look for the good things in their life! I have seen a lot of sad things this month.Thinking about what is new and good helps me to remember that despite sadness, there are still many blessings.

Ok so I am hoping you will play with me on this. I’ll go first…

What’s New? 

Dec 2014 I graduated from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition-

I am now a certified health coach! I completed The Science & Art of Herbalism through Rosemary Gladstar in 2003 and immediately started created herbal products to help family/friends.  Then I got involved in essential oils and I was able to replace prescriptions (for allergies & diabetes) with essential oils. Marty thought the nutrition course would round things out.  I have always been interested in natural health and this made perfect sense. My year at IIN (the course is done online) is one of the most exciting things I have done and it has greatly impacted how we eat. I now am integrating the knowledge from all three of these endeavors to live our best life and help others do the same!

In December 2013 I decided to leave education after 20 years.

I cried.  I loved my job, my students, and the people I worked with.  I felt guilty-like I was deserting them. My husband encouraged me to leave because I could not stop myself from working harder and harder and he was concerned.  We were also working with essential oils at this point and he kept teasing me-“wouldn’t it be less stressful to stay home and visit and help people?” I realized a month after leaving just how stressed I was.  I love what I do now-I love helping people find new choices.  Having been powerless in my life-it is wonderful to help others feel empowered.

I have a new great nephew!

My niece Jennifer gave birth on March 3rd.  Her and her husband have built a wonderful life for themselves and I am excited for this new chapter in their life!

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Hello my name is Debra and I hope I am improving…

My friend Mychele and I threw this phrase back and forth one day while we admitted our weaknesses. One of mine was: My name is Debra and I am addicted to signing up for art classes.  I think Mychele said “My name is Mychele and I am addicted to art supplies”.  Through all the fun tho I realize I like this phrase. We are new everyday.  So what else is new? New goals, new blog, new friends, new adventures, new ways of eating, new behaviors…too many to mention.  What I do know though is that are no new year resolutions.  I just want to move in the direction of improving…

What’s Good

I have rediscovered my creative self. 

Those that know me know I have been doing different artistic/crafty things for years.  I have a room (Zander calls it the Glitter room) filled with great supplies I was not using.  I am glad to say I have found my artsy self again.  I found a great place to encourage me at Art More Place.  We have needed  a place like this in this area for years.  Sherri does a great job at finding talented people willing to share their knowledge and bringing them to Art More Place so we can play!  I have done mosaics, acrylic on canvas, jewelry (with soldering), creative photography, sewing, mixed media, and more. I love that I can go there and go home with a project and never invest in the materials to do it again if I do not want to.  I know when I create I am happy and I am so glad to be back in the mindset of finding joy through art and creativity.

Our Grandson is Amazing!!!


OK our kids are too.  They are all doing well and that is all a parent can ask for.  My daughter says I was a good mom but honestly I was younger then and it seems a blur.  Now I am much more grown up and having a grandchild and doing things with him is wonderful.  Zander has none of my blood in his bloodline but we are alike.  We are both a little crazy, we both love paint and glitter, we love the beach, cooking, growing things, and making things for people.  Zander is very artistic and creative.  He told me next time he comes he wants to sew. Zander was born prematurely and we are thankful that he is doing so great as you just never know.  He lives with his wonderful mom and grandma (I am Mimi) in Orlando and he is in first grade. Our adventures are just beginning.

My nephew is getting married!


Weddings are always exciting and his future bride is beyond beautiful inside and out! I am so excited to make jewelry for this special occasion!

I am busy-but I have time-

I have always been sad when I was working and felt I needed to be somewhere else-with a sick friend/family member, helping someone in crisis.  Life goes so fast.  Mind you I am busy but there is some flexibility with this new life.  I have been able to visit my friend Mychele more often, help others with projects, and get involved a bit more.

I sleep…

Yes this is good.  For years I would go to bed  after midnight and then be up at 5:15 to go to work. I have seen statistics about not sleeping and they are VERY scary. Even if I went to bed, I could not sleep.  When I got involved with doTERRA, my husband came up with an essential oil blend that took care of that and I slept like a baby. I still have to GO to bed though.  Happy to say that now I am usually in bed by 11:00PM and the alarm goes off at 7:00 to meet my partners for a walk.

I didn’t cry today-I lost a loved one this month-a cousin near and dear to my heart. Someone I wish I could have seen and learned from every day but she lived in Pensacola. I have seen friends lose loved ones recently, and friends have lost pets near and dear to their heart. I am a crier but today is the first day I have not since the end of February. I will just be thankful for that.

So now it is your turn.  What’s new and good?

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