Phone Blogging?

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Today my artsy friend Kim  did a blog post from her phone. What a great idea!  I am out and about a lot so if I could blog from my phone this would save me some time! It may not be useful for all posts but certainly for some.  So of course I had to do a test run.

The first picture below is inspired by my friend Mychele and by Kim. Mychele inspired me by bringing Derwent  Intense Blocks when we recently went to a conference together and I got to try them.  I have many art supplies and I love them all but these were particularly exciting to me . I love them and was able to finish this piece using them. Kim inspired/encouraged me because I’ve been struggling with wanting to do an art journal but not knowing how to start. Do I paint every day and then add words later do I do words and then paint.  Kim let me know there are really no rules that I could do what works for me. And then she shared a couple things that she did and it really made me want to jump in.




This is a picture of the dining room today.  My friend came over on Tuesday and we painted together . I plan to work here a little more before I clean up.







This is the piece I worked on. I have already changed a few things and have a few more changes in mind.




And this is my view right now.




Husband called to see if I had eaten yet-nope.  

Had I had taken my shower yet (he was concerned about the water pressure), nope.

Now that I have tried out this blogging by phone-I should move on.

Thanks for being part of my learning adventure.

Your Turn: Did someone recently inspire you to do something new? Please share!




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6 thoughts on “Phone Blogging?”

  1. This is AWESOME!!! I had no idea that we could post from our phone…and a new adventure is born! You know I’m going to be trying this out soon!

    Thanks for the shout out and link back to my blog <3

    I was inspired by one of the speakers at FLBlogCon that we went to on Saturday. He challenged us to, this week, try out one new technology that seemed intimidating to us. I'm working on learning Blab and will be hosting my first Blab next week- eeekkkk! But it how we learn and grow so here I go!

  2. Yay! Glad you were inspired. Since I take all my pics with my phone, blogging from there is pretty easy, at least if I keep the typing to a minimum.
    Happy creating, Debra!

  3. You are inspiring me!!! I type with one finger on my phone though… people are always making fun of me for that. I think I just am going to have my kids take turns typing my dictation for my blog. That is a great homeschooling learning activity!
    Thank you for your blog!

  4. I was thinking about trying the ipad next-everything is bigger. Husband just ordered me iphone6+. I was not going to get the big one but he says I work so much from the phone that I should. As usual he is looking out for me. Isn’t it great how the inspiration rolls! Kim inspired me, we inspired you, now my friend Mychele is inspired to try as well. I like how it opens up in the moment sharing-especially at a special event with family or such…

  5. Thank you so much Kim. Your little share has had an impact-myself, Rachelle, and now Mychele is jumping in too! Thanks again so much. You never know what little things you do can inspire/help another person!

  6. Blab-I learned that at school and have forgotten it. Will write that down! Yes it is great how we influence each other. I told Kim her one little post has three people (myself, Rachelle, and you) wanting to phone blog now! And who knows how else was listening!

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