Florida Blog Con 2015

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I was invited by my friend Mychele to the Florida Blog Conference. I knew little about the conference but I know going anywhere with Mychele is fun. I’m writing in my mind constantly but it’s sometimes a struggle to get it down on paper. I have a blog that Mychele helped me set up and I want to blog more and I know I have a lot to learn. First thing I was impressed with was the organizer Bess Auer. I had an issue with my ticket and I emailed her and she took care of it immediately with kindness and a sense of humor. Also the price was so reasonable I couldn’t see any reason not to go! The topics all sounded interesting-so it was a go.

Mychele suggested we go VIP-pay a little more but we get to go to the Blue Man Event the night before. What a great show-we had a great time. We talked to the woman next to us and asked her what she blogged about.  She admitted she did not blog much but she loved this conference because she met the most interesting people.  Mychele and I instantly felt like we were at home. Our only regret is that we were not able to meet up with the Facebook group. That’s something we’d like to do better at next time.

The next morning we checked in as VIPs we got a special bag with cool stuff in it-I had no idea that would happen. Then we also had preferred seating wherever we went. Full Sail was a wonderful venue for this event-no worries about losing power with plug ins easily available.  The innovative un keynote was a blast-plugging in to our phones and following prompts.


We were spoiled at this conference.  Water was available whenever we needed it.  The Florida Milk Council provided yogurt parfaits in the morning.  Later there was chocolate milk and cookies as well as adorable cow flash drives. 

IMG_1274 IMG_1180

Tijuana Flats served a fantastic lunch-complete with pink wraps for breast cancer. Our VIP status provided us a shortcut to the lunch line.


I love how interactive the conference was-right from the beginning with the interactive un keynote.  With Adam Avitable, we did quick edits and sent them with a tweet. Each speaker had lots of valuable information to share: tips and tricks, apps, and lessons learned.  The vendors were great as they were new to me and were generous with pictures and freebies. I love my new Mieroglyph bracelet with a verse I needed to hear,  “Dreams don’t work unless you do.”


Izea was generous with freebies as was the Better Business Bureau.


I learned so much at the conference I am still digesting the information, but a few things I know for sure.

I plan to attend next year-I have been to many conferences and I have never been treated as well for such a reasonable cost.

My biggest takeaways?

Consistency, authenticity, and professionalism matter.  Hashtags make a difference and podcasting is something I need to start now! There is so much more…

Thank you to Bess Auer for organizing such an informative event. I wondered at first if I even had a a right to go but quick felt accepted and truly spoiled for the day!

I purposely did not read other recaps so mine would not be influenced…now I need to go see what everyone else said!

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