Liberate Your Art Swap 2016

I was so thankful to participate in the Liberate Your Art Swap again this year.

Why? This swap encourages me to make art and share.  I am involved in many swaps and do a lot of artsy activities through online classes and through Art More Place in town. At Art More Place, I learned that anything creative is art and it has helped me accept my work-no matter what. I have learned because of the swaps, to take pictures of my art.  While I am my worse critic, by stepping away from my piece for a while, and then taking a photo-the piece takes on a while new look.

After taking pictures of my art, I collect those photos and other photos(usually nature-and definitely art) I love in a folder and order postcards.  Now I have art to share!

It is wonderful to see other people’s art and connect to people around the world.  I often visit their blogs and/or write to them.

As luck would have it, I am staying at a home far from my own watching some pups and do not have the cards with me!

I had the husband send me pics of the four he could find.  I will add them here and more information about the senders later.

I love the painting of the girl and the city.  I can relate to them both.  I love the Oregon postcard-we were in Washington several years ago but never made it to Oregon.  Lastly, the bird is great.  I am greatly attracted to birds and fascinated with them. I always am amazed how the postcards I get seem to be picked just for me!

Postcard1            Postcard2

Postcard4           Postcard5

I actually don’t remember all the cards I sent-but this is a favorite.  This was actually the size of a playing card and created for the Inspirational Card Swap. I loved this little one so much I took a picture to save it forever.


As I have participated in swaps, I have encouraged others to as well.  Many have found joy participating.  Maybe you should give it a try?  I am glad to help and/or answer questions  I admit it may seem scary at first but once you jump in-it’s wonderful!

Do something creative for yourself today!

Visit the Blog Hop and meet others that participated in this swap.

This video is great too!

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9 thoughts on “Liberate Your Art Swap 2016”

  1. I love the piece of art that you sent! The collection that you received is wonderful too! I hope we get to swap next year..I am definitely gonna participate 🙂

  2. Hi Debra! I love the idea of a Pinterest board. I do that for every Leslie Saeta Painting challenge I do, but I have never thought of it for the swaps. What a great idea! Your little bird is fabulous 🙂 I love that you thought of using the album as a way to encourage others to join in! Lookiing forward to seeing you next year, and I hope we get the chance to swap 🙂 And if you do decide to have a swap of your own, drop me line 🙂 Happy creating to you 🙂

  3. I am going to make an album of all my postcard swaps. I only have time to take part in this one because I’m a busy professional artist, but it makes a good break to my regular work. Lovely to meet you. See you next year.

  4. I love your little blue bird…how sweet. The cards you received are so wonderful. i am always so amazed at the diversity in the artists out there. Each postcard is so unique. I look forward to this every year.

  5. Hi Debra – Very many thanks for the lovely postcard that I received in the LYA 2016 swap – Owl Moon – I love owls 🙂 Great art! And the swap was a lot of fun wasn’t it!

  6. Debra, I love how you enlisted the hubby to help you get the pics needed for your post. Very nice. Looking forward to popping back in from time to time. Will look for you in next year’s swap.

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