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Universal-His Way

Originally posted on blogger 6/12/12

Today I picked up Zander from daycare and we went to Universal.  I knew we could only stay a short while because we had to get back to town for dinner and Vacation Bible School.  As an adult, when I go to a theme park I am always thinking about how I can get the most done in the short amount of time that I have. When Marty and I go we do the same, we do the most popular rides first, then gravitate towards the others and try to cram in as much as we can.

Well that is the adult way or at least my way- but Zander, as a kid, has a lot more on his mind when going to Universal. He’s almost four now and has his own ideas about what is fun!

First-the escalators and people movers.  Zander loves them.  Getting on and off is very exciting.  Then when you’re on it he just loves standing in one spot and enjoying the ride. I suggested on the people mover that we walk to go faster but no-he liked putting his arms out to keep me in one place better.

Next great thing to escalators and people movers- stone walls and metal railings.  They are great fun. He climbs on them, walks along them, and studies where they are connected.  One line was about twenty minutes long and the other two about thirty but he did not complain about the lines-he was too busy exploring.

Zander also loves music.  Most places in Seuss Landing have very catchy music.  He is always swaying or bopping to it.  Sometimes I do not even hear the music until I see him in time with it-then I hear it.

Zander is also good about recognizing distance.  He loves to say, ‘look how high we are’ or ‘we are going to go way up there’.  He will say many times, ‘we are getting so close’ even though we have only moved a foot.

He also believes in taking breaks.  I learned this walking to the car when he told me, ‘Mimi-I need a break’. So we did- an ice cream break.  He also picked a couple spots for photo shots.  He stopped and said ‘take a picture of me’-of course I obliged.

When it was time to go, we had a long walk to the car.  So we took turns.  I carried him a bit, and then he walked.  We were both exhausted and happy to see that people mover again.  This time I did not even suggest we walk- I just enjoyed the ride. We got to the car, got some fresh water and within five minutes, he was asleep. I had told Zander on the way to the car that I thought he and I should sleep on the way back home and let Thomas (stuffed cat in the car) drive.  He said no-he wanted me to.  Oh well.

I learned a lot letting him control the day a bit.  I thought cramming a lot in was the way to give him the best time-he had other ideas and his way was a lot more relaxing.



April 16, 2015

Your Turn: What are your favorite activities with your children/grandchildren?

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Let’s Do This!

Originally posted on Blogger 6/1/11

I will laugh whenever I hear that statement-one my grandson said to me one day as we packed the car.  He is almost three but I admit I was taken aback and wondered where he got that from.  A bit later, I was telling my husband about it and he asked Zander who taught him to say it and he said Mimi.  That’s me!  Although I would like to take credit-I still am in denial!

I have my own little room in my house loaded with all kinds of creative materials-I know others do as well.  I have stamping supplies, paint, all kinds of jewelry making supplies, altered art stuff…just too much stuff to name.  My problem is I always make excuses to not go in there-cleaning the house, clearing paperwork, and I admit-playing on the computer.  My unfinished writing projects suffer from the same excuse.  While I am still very productive and seem to get a lot more done than most people (that is according to them not me), I still get frustrated.  In my heart-creating things is what I love best.  Whether it is an essay about something I do not want to forget or a new piece of jewelry. I opened an Etsy shop a while ago but there is still nothing in it.

Now since all of you tell me I am amazing and you don’t know how I get so much done-you must suffer some of the same frustrations as I do.  I had planned this summer to block out days for creating and possibly even inviting friends to come as well.  When my friend Sara said how much a pain it is to cart stuff place to place I thought maybe reporting in to a friend or posting a picture of what you created would be enough to hold you accountable to do so.  My friend Em and I thought about picking a day and talking on Skype about our plan to create something then checking back in on Skype to show off our work-the pressure of accountable would keep us on task.

Well there is a blogger out there that has set me up-and I will write and thank her. This is just the challenge I need: every day of June to create one thing.  It could be a blog post, jewelry piece, painting, or recipe.  For some of you it may be a mud pie in the back yard or a finger painting piece with your little one.  While there is a structure to this, there is enough flexibility for all my creative friends.  I know I have many creative friends that could benefit from this challenge as well-I will tag a few and hope you pass it on!  Let’s share our pictures everyday! I am off to create my first piece (even though I am not sure what it is yet)! If you would like to get together to create-in person, through Facebook or through Skype, please let me know! I do plan to announce days through Facebook for people to come down and work on projects!

Happy Creating

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